New problem!


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New problem!

Now I seem to be getting air in the filtering system. Checked all hoses,connections, no leaks. Pressure rises, flow gets weak in an hour, when I shut off the pump I hear bubbling sound. I Backwash and when I start up again, tons of bubbles then good pressure until the cycle starts all over. It's 90 degrees out and I want to use the pool! Started two weeks ago with swamp (bad cover) now lots of suspended debris (dead algae?) but can't clear it with the filter this way. It is a doughboy Sequel 1 Plus. BTW already took out grids cleaned and replaced one that had a hole.
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It must be getting in on the low pressure side of the pump; that is, between the pool (skimmer and bottom drain) and the pump.

Make sure that the strainer cover o-ring is in good condition, clean, and well-lubed with silicone (not teflon) grease.

Check all the pipe joints. If you have the doughboy pump, it's hard to see if air is sucking in because the strainer cover isn't transparent, but you can probably hear them going through the pump. If you run a hose on a leaky joint, it won't be able to suck air, so the noise should stop. If this doesn't work, you might try covering each joint with silicone grease. That should stop the leak long enough to see where it is.

A low-pressure leak may not leak water when the pump is off. It takes less of a gap to allow air in than water out, and there's no pressure to force it out. If anything it will continue to let air in, causing the water level in the pipes to fall, making it hard to resume pumping after being shut off all night. If you've been needing to prime your pump every morning, that's a sign that you have a low pressure leak.

Finally, any blockage or restriction in the low pressure plumbing will exacerbate any leakage problems that exist. Make sure your pipes are clear.

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