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Is there an overflow preventer for filling HT???

Is there an overflow preventer for filling HT???


Old 06-23-11, 08:46 AM
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Question Is there an overflow preventer for filling HT???

Filling a HT (or pool) can take several hours, so instead of watching the water fill, is there a device I can connect the hose to, that will sense when the water level is correct, and turn off the hose to prevent overfilling/ overflow? Iíve overflowed my Hot Tub once already.

Sounds like it should be a simple device, but has anyone seen one? Or buy parts and make one. Perhaps I can use a toilet tank fill kit in some fashion.
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Old 06-23-11, 08:55 AM
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yes there are several kinds on the market. Also there are timers that you can put on your hose and set it to run from 1/2 hour to around 8 hours. They are cheaper and work great...
Old 06-23-11, 09:02 AM
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Probably doable if it's not already out there somewhere. You could probably use a float similar to what you suggest, getting it firmly mounted or clamped somehow might be an issue, and the flow rate will be pretty low.

Easier and simple would be to measure your water flow, calculate the time it would take to fill the spa (350 gal, 500 gal, etc) or pool (5000 gal, 10000, etc) and just set a timer to go back out and turn it off. Maybe even a sprinkler timer would work?
Old 06-23-11, 12:44 PM
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They're a little pricey:

Quaker M3000 Automatic Water Level Control

I've thought about building one myself with common plumbing parts, but never seem to get around to it. When the skimmer starts sucking air I run water in for about 45 minutes or so, although I've forgotten I was filling on more than one occasion.
Old 06-23-11, 01:46 PM
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sounds like this may be a good invention. It appears others have encountered this issue also. I did not think about the timer, I do have one for the hose. I guess the next time I fill the tub, pull up a chair and beer, start a stop watch, and see how many hours it takes to fill (May need more than one beer!). then next time set the timer for that time ( If I recall the time). So you can watch the grass grow, paint dry, or now a hot tub fill.
Old 07-22-11, 12:42 PM
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The sprinkler timer sounds like the best bet, cheap and simple.
We had a large milling machine at work that used water soluable coolant, and the tank took forever to fill and was "forgotten" often until it started overflowing. A toilet float kit will work but you have to make sure the float has enough leverage to counter the water pressure. May need a whole old toilet to get all parts easily...

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