hand held hot tub wand


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hand held hot tub wand

Hi we just bought and had installed a 3 person jacuzzi hot tub. it is great! but I got to thinking...wouldn't it be nice if I could direct the pulsing water to specific body area not reachable by the existing jets. for instance my aching knees would be nice. interestingly enough after we bought our tup I found a manufacturer that actually makes a tub with a hand held wand built neatly into the shell of the tub. just reach out and pick it up, direct the water where it is needed, just like a hand held shower wand.
I contacted jacuzzi and they make no such attachment. I'm wondering if it would be easy enough to put together a unit...could use rubber plumbing fixture to attach to existing jet, attached to a flexible hose...seems easy enough but does anyone have any idea if this may affect the pump?...it seems like the jets are ofter blocked of when sitting immediatly in front of them and the pressure is simlpy diverted to other jets. so it seems like there should be no problem with my idea...
any feedback? any body tried this yet!?
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Shouldn't be too difficult, but doing so will probably void your warranty.

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