Heater trips on hot tub


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Heater trips on hot tub

Can anyone help?

I put a new heater in my spa pack as there was no heat. I figured this was the root cause.

WHen the heater kicks in, it lasts about a second then shuts off.

After a few more seconds, the pump come on again, the heater tries to come on, then trips. This happens over and over.

Everything else seems to be working fine. If I put the tub in economy, the jets are all working etc.

As soon as I put the tub into normal operating mode and it wants to heat the water, the heater comes on then trips again.

Any idea what this would be?

Trying to figure out what to check next.

Brettline controls.

Thank you,
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Your use of the word "trips" is not descriptive enough of the problem to make any determinations. WHAT, trips? WHAT, do you do to "untrip" it?
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SOrry. I guess I did not describe it quite tight.

When I put the spa into normal operation mode. Looks like there are two modes, economy and normal. Here is what happens.

1) The circulating pump comes on
2) After about 15 seconds, the heater light comes on for only a split second on the control module
3) Everything goes off and the screen goes blank
4) a few seconds passes and it goes through the same cycle

As soon as the heater tries to go ON, the spa shuts down then and keeps doing this over and over.

If I leave the SPA in ECON, the pump will run but will shut off as I am sure it will be in some sort of cycle.

What I meant by trip was the heater goes on then off real quick.

I bought the tub doing the exact same thing. I thought it was the heater so here is what I did.

1) took a 5500 kwh heater element out of my balboa spa pack and put in into this spa pack. The element was exact same rating and size so figured it was no big deal.

I wanted to noy use my newer balboa spa pack and I would need to rewire all of the pumps, ozinator, blower etc as the connectors are not the same.

Any help would be appreciated.

ALmost forgot, i do not see any codes either. The heaterlight comes on for a split second on the contol module AND on the light on the front of the pack.

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