When to resurface


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When to resurface

I'm a realtor and one of my clients is buying a home with a pool that's about 10 years old. She's been told (by her neighbor who works for a pool company...) that the pool needs to be re-surfaced within the next year. Inspection noted that there were some thin spots, but that the overall surface of the pool was in good shape. No major staining, pitting, chipping or cracking. How do you know when a pool needs to be re-surfaced? If the surface is in fairly good shape, is there an alternative to removing all of the old plaster and re-plastering? In other words, can a new coat of plaster be applied on top of the old? What are the consequences of letting it go for 2 or 3 more years?

Doug M.
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plaster can last for more than 20yrs. Unless it is leaking, cracking, pitting, or just cosmetically bad there is no reason to replace.
Yes you can put a thin coat oveer the old after sandblasting and rolling on a bonder.
If in as good shape as you describe there is no problem using it until it really needs replastered.

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