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Hayward Aquarite Chlorinator - False Salt Low

Hayward Aquarite Chlorinator - False Salt Low

Old 05-20-12, 03:54 PM
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Hayward Aquarite Chlorinator - False Salt Low

I have a Hayward Aquarite chlorinator. My control panel recently has now displayed the "low salt", and check cell warning lights. I took in the cell to be tested, it passed, and my salt is 3000 ppm, so it is good too. What else could be wrong? The control panel? How can I diagnose my problem? I've tried the control panel reset (switch to off, switch to auto, cycle through diagnostic button 5 times, or so, until you see the negative value salt instant salt level, switch to super chlorinate, to reset, then switch back to auto). Works for about 30-60s, or so, then goes back to "low salt, check cell. sometimes shows display of 1500, sometimes 2100, sometimes it works fine too. Sometimes the aslt level is zero!!?? What can i do?
Old 05-21-12, 07:27 AM
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Based on your description of the problem it appears that your cell has failed in spite of the fact that someone tested the cell and declared it good. Let me explain my reasoning.

The missing piece of information is the age of the cell. The average life of a 3 year warranty cell is 5 years in an area where you close the pool for the off season. If you are in a year round climate then the life expectancy of the cell would drop to 3 years. That said, the way that the control box determines the level of salt in the pool is by the output of the cell and the water temperature. So it takes the voltage reading from the cell, the amperage reading from the cell and the water temperature from the cell and does some mathematics to determine the actual salt level. Then it stores three results in it's memory and adds the most current result to the group and divides it by 4. This will create the number you see on the default display. The default displays the average salt level. When you go to the negative number and do the super chlorinate then back to auto thing you clear all the memory and store the number you saw in memory. Then it starts the whole average thing all over again.

So as you clearly see if you take an instant salt level it appears O.K. and things are fine but after a period of time it starts giving you the low salt reading. When the store ran the test on the cell it only ran the cell for the same period of time that you ran your instant test and it will show that everything is fine, but the problem is that if you run it for several minutes the out put will drop off and the numbers go off. This tells me the cell has failed or is scaled and needs to be cleaned. But if the cell is in that 3 to 5 year range it probably has failed. If it is less than 3 years old the good news is it is under a full warranty!

The reason you are getting zeros on the instant salt check (the negative number) is that when the unit senses the salt level is 2200 ppm or below it automatically turns the salt generator off. When it takes a test or you take a test and the unit is off it will read 0. It has to be making chlorine in order to get a level above 0. Always make sure you are set at 100% output when you perform a test.

I hope this helps you sort our your problem. Best of luck.


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Sorry to hitchhike onto this thread, but we're having the exact same problem with ours.The salinity is about 3300 water test. It was reading low (2600) but still chlorinating. We reset it because of the error in the reading, and now it's saying 1400. We bought the house a few months ago, so we're really unsure how old the cell is. During our pool school, the guy told us it probably had a few years left. Can you tell me how I can determine the age of my cell, or if it is still under warranty?

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