Did we kill our new pool pump?


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Did we kill our new pool pump?

We bought a house that had a new 24 above ground pool. It was a foreclosure, and the the filter & pump werent there anymore. Ive never owned a pool before.

We just bought a new pump & filter, its a sandman NE6150 which is a 18" filter and 1hp pump. sell it, and ive seen it under a few other brand names. We got it last week.

The pool was very dirty and the pool supply place said to shock and filter it. We've been running the pump/filter for a few days straight (aside from turning it off in the rain). My gf called to say she figured out how the vacuum worked and was able to clean alot up. Then she called back an hour later saying the pump was tripping breakers.

The company is shipping a new one out...but i'd like to know if we did something to burn it out so we dont kill the replacement. We were very careful not to run it dry, or run it with clogged filters. Other than running it constantly for days I cant think of anything that would of harmed it, but im learning as I go.

Other than pumping in debris or air, what would kill a new pool pump? I realize we may have just got a dud too.......

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if you didn't run clogged where no water was going through it and not running it dry, sounds like it is manufacturer defect. You can run a pool pump constantly, it is what they are made for. The only other thing I can think to check is that you had proper voltage connected.

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