Hot tub wiring. Teck.


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Hot tub wiring. Teck.

Hello. New. Just bought hot tub. Getting delivered. They gave me the gfci panel to mount near hot tub. The tub is 50 a 230 v. The gfci is 20 a and 30 a. 20 to run heater 30 to run pumps. I have to run out of my basement breaker panel outside, down my side wall to gfci then from my gfci to hot tub. I ran emt conduit solid from breaker panel to gfci and in there have pulled 3x 6 gauge rw90 and an 8 gauge rw90 green. I also am going to run a 12-2 teck from my gfci for my 20 amp it only needs two wires. And a 10-3 teck from my gfci for the 30 amp. It needs 3 wires. To my hot tub. I used rainproof fittings for all my emt connections. So it is 100 percent sealed. And also the teck will have weatherproof teck fittings coming out of gfci. I need to run the teck on the side of my house, cement wall for about 10 feet. 4 feet high, over to my deck where it will run 5 feet strapped under my deck then down to the hot tub to hook in as the hot tub top will be sitting flush with the deck. So I can step in off deck. I know teck is virtually the greatest thing, so just want to make sure that it will be ok to be strapped at correct intervals and run the way I explained. Also if everything else looks ok. I am not hooking it up, I am getting a master electrician to terminate. All I want is for it to be ready for him. I am also only putting a regular 2 pole 50 a breaker into my panel. Any help would be great. Thanks.
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Your signature say's you are not in the USA. Your wiring will have to meet the codes of your country.
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In the US because of corrosion we usually use PVC conduit not EMT outside.
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From what you described everything sounds OK. I have not seen, worked with, or even heard of TECK cables before (it appears to be a Canada thing) so I can only say to follow the manufactures specs on installation. Your electrician should be able double check everything.

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