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Is a free/used hot tub worth the cost to move it?

Is a free/used hot tub worth the cost to move it?


Old 11-05-12, 12:16 PM
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Is a free/used hot tub worth the cost to move it?

My friends five hours away bought a used home and told me they don't want the hot tub. We don't know much about it but wondered if it would be worth the cost to move one. We could rent a truck but not sure if moving them could cause extra damage or cracks? Does anyone have expereince with moving and reinstalling hot tubs and possible issues with that? Is there an age at which they are more likely to leak for fail that could be used to determine that it is not worth the risk of transporting?
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Old 11-05-12, 12:50 PM
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What size and/or type of hot tub is it (indoor/Outdoor)?

I can't speak of how old is too old, but I have moved more delicate equipment (tanning beds) long distances without issues.
Our indoor 2-person tub gave us no problems the 11 years we owned it. An outdoor tub might be different.
Old 11-05-12, 12:58 PM
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It is an outdoor hot tub. I am not sure of the size but looks like the standard size. Nothing overly big or small.
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Get some pics of the tub...maybe someone can evaluate. Make sure to include the inner shell. If it hasn't been exposed to the sun (the cover was on) the fiberglass should be ok, assuming it never froze and cracked. If you do get freezing weather, the piping would be my first concern if it was not decommissioned correctly.

If at all possible, it would be best to transport sitting in the normal position on a trailer or flatbed truck.

A bit of looking in the service area (where the electronics and stuff are) should give a clue to the age.

Just so you know....if the electronics are bad...you'll probably be looking at several hundred dollars minimum for repairs.

Now...if the unit is/was working and they just don't want it...shouldn't be a big issue other than getting 6 or 8 people to carefully move it to the truck or trailer.
Old 11-05-12, 01:10 PM
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Transporting it should be easy via enclosed truck or even an open trailer.
If using an open trailer, cover with a tarp, then wrap with shrink wrap. That stuff tightens as the wind vibrates it and will keep everything in check.
When they disconnect everything at the other home, make sure they photograph and take notes of where and how everything was connected. Will make reinstall easier.

As for how long an outdoor tub is good for before you have issues... Hopefully someone with experience with these can pipe up. Alternatively, you could pop into a local pool and spa shop and casually ask about the life expectancy of outdoor tubs.
Old 11-05-12, 01:57 PM
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Any spa of any quality, age or brand can be damaged or ruined by one night out in freezing weather if it was not winterized. So, how it's been taken care of is more important than it's age.

My spa is over 15 years old and still going strong. It has a old fashioned electro mechanical control system so when something dies it's pretty easy and relatively inexpensive to fix. More modern units with electronic controls can be more expensive to maintain long term since repairs often involve replacing circuit boards or control panels.

I have moved spas by draining them. Stand them on edge and up onto a furniture moving dolly. Then roll out to the truck or trailer. If you have to go across grass or gravel you can lay plywood sheets on the ground to form a temporary road. Two wheeled hand trucks are often not up to the task unless you have a high quality one. Try to not drop or jar the spa which could break a motor or heater loose and it's often best to transport it flat on it's bottom.

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