Hot tub jets cut out


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Hot tub jets cut out

Our hot tub has 1 pump and circulation mode or jets mode. Jets mode is on a 15 minute timer. Consistently, the jets have been cutting out completely (still water) about 5 minutes into their 2nd 15 minute cycle and resetting in about 30 minutes to circulation mode. Heater works fine, temp reading jumps high when it cuts out (reading 108-110 when it's 102. Tried bleeding pump, running without either of 2 filters in, even a circuit board reset (1 to 2 pin jumper on restart) I dunno!

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Welcome to the forums.

So your hot tube has only one pump in it and that one pump does both circulation or jets.

So the problem is that one pump is shutting down ? Is that correct ?

Can you leave a brand name and model.
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That's right 1 pump for both and the 1 pump cuts out completely... When it works properly the one pump goes from jets back to circulation only every 15 minutes on a timer but now it cuts out randomly to still water. The shell is discontinued (half moon bay - model 0040) with a balboa spa pack (VS500Z)
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is the pump making any noise? Is it getting very hot to the touch (on the motor)
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Buy a cheap multimeter

It sounds like you are dealing with a Balboa circuit board (you used the 'Persistent Memory Reset' jumper).

Buy a cheap multimeter and check the voltage coming from the control box to the pump. Balboa control boxes are nearly always configured with the red wire for high speed and the black wire for low speed and the white wire for common. Test between common and red to check for high speed voltage.

If the pump stops because the voltage from the control box disappears, you have to troubleshoot the control box (most likely replace the circuit board). Most Balboa boards will turn off the high speed pump automatically after fifteen minutes but you should be able to press the Jets button again to turn them back on. There is no limit to the number of times you can reactivate the jets.

If the pump stops but still has voltage from the control box, you have to troubleshoot the pump. The motor is equipped with a 'thermal cutoff' which will shut it down if it gets too hot. When it cools off, it will reset and come back on.

(You report the pump stops in high speed and then comes back on in low speed. This could just mean the fifteen minute high speed cycle has expired by the time the motor cools off.)

The motor may be overheating for several reasons: inadequate ventilation (leave the equipment door panel off and run the pump to see if it works with more air flow), low voltage at the connections to the pump (check voltage at the pump and all connections between the pump and the board), obstruction at the impeller (disconnect the intake and check for foreign objects in the plumbing), weak run capacitor or other problem internal to the motor (it's usually more cost effective to replace an old pump than repair it).

You mention the temperature display goes up when the pump quits. Does the display show any error codes such as "OH" or "OHH"?

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