Hot tub sealant


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Hot tub sealant

After doing some research I've decided purchasing a pre-designed shell isn't going to work for me. I am building an above ground hot tub out of stone and concrete and I need to know one thing - once I have the tub formed and built, what do I coat it with to prevent water from leaking out of it? It would have to be something clear. Or, I could form the shell, then put some sort of sealant on it to prevent leakage, then put the stones on top of it, then the sealant doesn't need to be clear since you won't be seeing it anyway. Any way it can be done is fine with me, I just don't want water to leak out of it.
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Exclamation See local code requirements for an in-ground pool

What you propose amounts to an in-ground pool (even though it isn't in the ground). You'll probably need permits and inspections and will find there are very specific code requirements for your project.

To start, concrete pools require a rebar grid for support but also for electrical grounding. In most concrete pool construction, the rebar grid is laid out along with the plumbing and 'shotcrete' is applied over the rebar and pipes. The surface is usually finshed with plaster or a newer epoxy product.

I can't imagine how you would 'form the shell' from concrete first and then plumb it afterwards.

Since the project involves body of water connected to electrical equipment (probably 220V) and you expect people to climb in it (and hopefully get back out) you'll need to comply with some very specialized code requirements and get permits and pass inspections to avoid electrocuting someone.

This is not really a DIY project unless you've worked in pool construction in the past.

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