Need with a Newport Beach Spa


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Need with a Newport Beach Spa

I have an older Newport Beach Spa. The water temp won't come up over 90. the high temp switch has to constantly reset. I orered a new switch but when it came it has a thermo coupling attached and I don't see how to install it. I sent the company I ordered a picture of the one in there now but after taking it apart it says micro switch on it and I can't figure out how to replace it. After reading many post I am wondering if it is the heat coil. I have already spent a thousand dollars having other parts fixed on this spa and want to see if I can do th
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Heating coils are like light bulbs, they either work, or they don't. If it's heating at all, the heating coil is fine.

Sounds like you have the correct hi limit switch. The sensing "bulb" typically goes under a metal plate attached to the top of the heater pipe. Quite possibly though, the old hi limit was not the problem. The heater is supposed to shut off immediately after the pump shuts off...if it doesn't, the heater will overheat tripping the high limit switch.

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