Sand Filter Problem....maybe?


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Sand Filter Problem....maybe?

I have an old Sta Rite sand filter for my in ground pool. I replaced the sand media in it this spring and now I can't purge all the air out of it. I have a stop-**** valve on the top and I used to open that valve to purge the air until I got a steady stream of water from it. Now, I get intermittent water but not a steady stream.

Do I have a problem and if so, what do I need to do about it?

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No need to panic, I've seen something similar.

A) Could be that the new sand had a percentage of fine sand grains in it, which has blocked the valve mechanism. Take the top off the filter, use a hose or compressed air going backward to blow the gunk out of the purge valve. I would leave the valve in place and dis-assemble the filter to work on it because old fiberglass threads can strip if you try to remove the valve to work on it.

B) Could also be that the plastic screen that is suppose to keep swirling sand grains out of the valve has disintegrated. I'd find an old faucette aerator mesh and glue that over the valve intake to keep swirling sand out of the purge valve.

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