Iron in Pool Water


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Iron in Pool Water

Throughout this week I filled my above ground pool with 5400 gallons of water from my well. I knew my well water was high in iron so I took a 5 gallon bucket of water from the pool and put some chlorine/shock granules in it. It has turned brown as I suspected from my research online that it would do. I have not been able to determine what chemical I need, I am confused by the different products. I have not put any chemicals in the pool yet, so it is still fairly clear.

My question is..........Is there a chemical to put into the pool before chlorinating so that you get none of the brown water from the start? I have read many horror stories online of people chlorinating with metals in their water, and then taking many days to weeks of filtering constantly and different chemicals to get the water clear.

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Not really... The only thing I use if i get rust stains on the liner from shocking the pool ( I have well water) is a sequestering agent...

METAL SOLUTION - The Pink Stuff - 32 oz - #JMPINK032 - Stuff for the Pool - Our Stuff - Product Catalog - Jack's Magic Products, Inc.

Best to fill pool with treated water... I have a softener so it takes the iron out....

They sell things that attache to the hose to filter the water... May need a few as they only pass so many gallons...

Inline Water Filter Garden Hose from
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So there is no way to prevent it? Only option is to treat the water after it has turned brown from chlorinating?
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Posts: 47,712 can pretreat it. I have an inground pool and we have high iron and manganese content in our water. When I have to add a lot of tap water I'll put in a quart of Les Iron.....which is a Sylvan product but other companies make the same product.....ahead of time and there is no problem.

Anthony & Sylvan Les-Iron is a special formulated stain and scale preventer. It prevents metallic stains and eliminates brown or green water due to metals.
Not sure if the product lawrosa mentioned is similar.

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