New pool owner. Water never clear


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New pool owner. Water never clear

We purchased a house a with an in ground pool and I am having a hard time getting a handle on it. I am quickly growing annoyed with the pool store. When we moved in the pool was fairly clear on the shallow end and pretty cloudy on the deep end. I didnt really do anything to the pool for 2 weeks and it suddenly was more like a pond than a pool. I believe the chlorine level did get to 0. I was told to shock, shock, shock and thats what I did every day for about a week and there was improvement, the green went away but still cloudy water. I had the pool repair people out to see if there was a problem and the guys says, I can tell just by looking at it that you need new sand in your filter. So we payed to have the sand changed. Was told, give it 24 to 48 hours and your water will be crystal clear... NOT THE CASE! The water looks the exact same as it did before the sand was changed and its been about 5 days.

So... We had the water tested last night and were told again to shock the pool and to raise the ph. We purchased what they said we needed and followed their instructions. I am very interested in trying the BBB method. We are quickly running out of summer and would love to be able to enjoy the pool for the last month possible this year. HELP! I am going to have the water tested again tonight and will also measure the pool and find out how many gallons so I can provide more information.
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What shock and sanitizer are you using, chlorine? What are your PH, free chlorine and alkalinity?
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if pool is not green, you have a filtration problem. Since sand was changed it sounds like water may not be going through sand properly. You may want to check gasket in multi port valve. These can wear and come out of the track and allow water to return to pool without going through filter. It would be like putting filter on recirculate. Make sure position is in filter, check gasket, backwash morning and night keep tablets in chlorinator to keep chlorine level up.
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The #1 thing I had trouble with as a new pool owner was filter run time. For sparkling water get the chemistry in the ballpark and run the filter constantly til clear. You say it's been 5 days--is that 5 days with the filter running 24/7? Maintaining a pool is expensive. Running the filter several hours each day seems costly but it's much cheaper than dumping gallons of remedy chemicals in to correct algae & cloudiness. You need circulation for the chemicals to work and to remove solids, then you will find you use less chemicals.

One more thought--I imagine the amount of chlorine the pool store is telling you to use may sound crazy but take their advice. Even after adding gallons of chlorine you still may get a reading of 0 "free" chlorine. That's because the chlorine is "locked up" by organic impurities. Once you shock--and maintain that shock for a couple days--those impurities will burn off and free up the chlorine molecules.

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