Hot Springs Spa Leak


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Hot Springs Spa Leak

Well, it's finally happened to me My 20 year old Hot Springs Sovereign sprung a leak. I was off visiting family for and came home to a wet floor (it's in an indoor spa room) and about 150+ gallons missing from the spa. The spa room is on a basement slab and although there is a floor drain at one end of the spa, the floor is not pitched to drain that way so the bulk of the water headed for a side wall, under it and into the carpeted game room. Luckily there is a saw cut in the concrete near the wall which I think cracked and allowed the bulk of the water to drain through the slab somewhat minimizing the damage.

By the time I got home the tile floor around the spa was dry so I have no indication where the leak is located. The water got down to just below the jet nozzles so I assume it's some where in the piping to a nozzle or a nozzle itself. Does anyone know any tricks to help pinpoint the leak location?

Aside from the mechanicals area of the spa all the plumbing is encased in rigid foam so access to the piping will have to be standing the spa on it's side and digging through the foam from the bottom. Even filling the spa back up will only give me a general area for the leak "if" the water does not travel some distance through the foam before finding a way out.
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If the water stopped at a certain point then that's a good indication of the leak level. You could add some water, raise it a 1/2", and use a dark colored food dye at each jet to see which one is leaking. Use a flashlight to watch for dye movement.

It doesn't necessarily have to be a fitting. It could be a gasket on the back of a jet.

There is also a general way to help determine if the leak is in the piping or shell.
Fill spa up and mark water level on tub. Ran pump for 24 hours. Mark new level.
Refill spa and let sit for 24 hours.
If it dropped faster when the pump was running then it's in the supply piping.
If it went down slower when the pump was running then it's in the return/suction piping.
If it dropped the same amount with pump on or off then it's not a piping leak.
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I found a/the problem and best of all it's in a (sorta) accessible area. The nipple molded into the air valve's housing broke completely off allowing the air hose to fall down and drain the tub down to the jets. I'll replace the valve and then try your idea of filling it a bit at a time so I can verify that I only have the one problem.

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