2007 sundance maxxus issue


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2007 sundance maxxus issue

Hi. Does anyone have an idea what might be going on with this problem:

Before I drained the tub, there was an error code FLO, and COOL. Only one control/pump worked. The two speed pump, the waterfall, the heater and the blower did not work. There was a clicking sound when trying to engage the blower or the "other" pump that did not "work".

After draining the tub, I disconnected the waterfall/heater wires from the panel so I could turn on the blower to blow out the lines, but it still would not engage.

What would keep everything except one pump from running?

Thank you.

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Welcome to the forums.

I wasn't able to retrieve the 2007 manual so I grabbed the 2008 one. I don't see COOL listed as a problem code. FLO could come up if there was a problem with the flow switch.

I looked thru another similar manual and found this on the COOL icon:
If the hot tub water is more than 20 F cooler than the temperature setpoint, jets pump #1 and heater will automatically activate to provide freeze protection. The hot tub will stay in this mode until the water temperature reaches 15 degrees below the set temperature. No corrective action is necessary.
So if you had a flow problem the heater would shut down and only one pump would run and it would stay in cool mode because it wasn't heating.

Look thru the manual towards the end and see if helps.

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Anybody else have an idea?? I'll be getting back to this soon since it's warming up. The heater doesn't work so, as the person who responded suggested I wait until it heats up... it isn't going to ever heat up.

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