Sundance Cameo Heater Troubleshooting


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Question Sundance Cameo Heater Troubleshooting

Hello All -

I have a 1992 Sundance Cameo spa that stopped heating but the pump, jets, air and lights all work. So far i replaced the heater element and pressure switch. I had a local technician look at it after the above replacements, he determined that there was not power going to the heating element and thinks removing the circuit board, having it fixed and replacing it was the best next step.

From what I have read I'd like to check the heater relay and analyze the hi-limit switch before spending the money on the circuit board. When I changed the heater element the water in the tub did not heat but, my tub has a drain hose that's long enough to go ~ 5' out of the tub so it snakes around in equipment bay, the water in that drain hose got pretty warm. Maybe I did not relieve an air bubble quickly enough and ended up tripping the hi limit switch? I can't seem to find a way to reset that hi limit switch if that is possible.

My questions are, can I reset what appears to be an electrical hi limit switch, can I test the heater relay to see if it is faulty and of course any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much,

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Welcome to the forums.

The hi limit stat should be self resetting.

Usually the owners manuals have better troubleshooting and schematics but that vintage model seems to be lacking in useful information. Without better info I can only be of limited help.

Usually there are several large black relays on the control board. One for each pump, blower and heater. You can trace the foils on the pc board from the heater terminals back to the relay. Since the relays are sealed you can visually determine it's condition. You can only check for 240vac on the output terminals.

Sundance spas/Communications/InstructionManuals/92_600Man.pdf

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