What Size Pump?


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What Size Pump?

A client is wanting to build a DIY pool heater using a pump and 400 feet of black plastic pipe.

The pump will lift the water 54 inches from the bottom of the pool to the pipe placed on the pool deck.

What size pump in GPH would be required?
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It will depend on the size of tubing, the fittings (how many, what angle) and how much flow you want.
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In addition to what PD mentioned you don't need much of a pump. Since the solar piping is at deck level you won't need much pressure to circulate the water plus you don't want it moving too fast thru the collector or it won't heat.
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I'm imagining that your client just wants to have a lot of black pipe weaving back and forth in the sun. There are water heating solar panels that are reasonably priced, would do the job more reliably, take up less space and not have the resistance of 400 feet of piping. Solar water heating is much more common outside the US so it's one of those things where there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

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