Hayward pool heater noise


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Hayward pool heater noise

Hi All, I have the H100 above ground pool heater, It was installed on May 20th and worked perfect for about 5 days. Now the issue I'm having is the unit is making a horrible screaming noise. I was able to troubleshoot the issue and it appears to be coming from the gas manifold.

The unit will fire when turned on and runs perfect however after about 10-15 seconds after it fires the noise starts. If I were to close the gas valve half way to noise goes away, if I open the gas valve fully the noise comes back. I have checked all plumbing, exhaust fan, all wires, and the physical condition of the heater (not even 3 weeks old). This appears to be an internal issue. Heater has 3/4 gas main and breaks down to 1/2 at the unit itself. ANY ideas would be greatly appreciated. I already took the burner assembly apart and there are not obstructions.

I have uploaded a video to my YouTube account, here is the link, 2014 05 31 17 54 14 - YouTube

Thanks Everyone
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Welcome to the forums.

Did you install it yourself ?
If you didn't - call the installer back.

Is this replacing an existing pool heater ?
I'm not the plumber but 3/4" supply line sounds like it could be a little small.
Have far does that 3/4" line go ?

In your video... it actually sounds like the draft inducer motor is what is making the noise.
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Hi PJmax, yes I installed it myself - simple enough to do really.

This was a brand new install, the heater itself only takes 1/2 and according to the install instructions, I can run up to 30' on 1/2 pipe and I have 3/4 up to it.

FYI this unit work flawless for the first 4-5 days then this noise started. The sound is definitely coming from the main burners, not the fan by the top.

Only thing I haven't done yet was a manometer test, but nothing has changed since the install with gas.

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