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Question Correct Pressure

Hello I purchased a home with a 32 by 16 foot pool in the backyard. It ranges in depth from 3 to 8 feet.

The pressure gauge is reading 11 on the outer part of the gauge, what do you think it should be around?

Thank you
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It depends on the size of the filter and the condition of the filter. As the filter gets dirty that pressure will go up. 11psi sounds like a tad low for a filter.

I run a 1hp Hayward with a sand/DE filter. The pool is 16'x40' and 23,000 gallons of water.
My filter runs normally around 20psi

The norm is 15-20psi but there really isn't a norm because everything can affect it. Even the return fittings where the water re-enters the pool can change that number.

Backwash the filter and when your done check the pressure. When it rises between 5-10psi it's time to backwash again.
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As PJ said, there is no magic number. It helps to get a good base line with a fresh (clean). My filter runs around 20 PSI on the gage when clean and my neighbors runs a bit higher an a similar system. A lot of times, I feel the return jet and can tell from that if the filter needs back washing or not. I have done that so many times that I can tell within a couple of lbs what the gage reading is.

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