Reattaching pool liner


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Reattaching pool liner

I know about the heating the liner trick. This is a little more complicated because the liner has been pulled down so far.

We tried lifting the liner by clamping small blocks of wood to it, attaching the clamp to a 2x4, and then using the 2x4 as a lever and the edge of the pool as a fulcrum to lift it. We could only lift the liner enough to stuff in little bits at the edge, a half an inch at a time. Part of the problem was the edge of the pool overhangs just a bit, so lifting the liner also means pulling it away from the wall. And the lifting puts a lot of tension on the liner, making it all the harder to stuff the bead into the slot.

Other than draining the pool, and ideas?
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Heating the liner allows it to stretch some. If you can't get get it to stretch then as far as I know you'll need to let out water. You can't possibly fight with all that weight.
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that is too far to do without draining pool down. liner looks older and has shrunk and won't stretch much.

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