hayward pool heater


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hayward pool heater

I have an H100ID1 above ground pool heater. It is 7 years old and I have had no problems until this year. It comes on and tries to light. I hear the igniter and I smell gas. It tries its three times and does not light. I have replaced the igniter and cable, also the control module. The heater still will not light. I have it on the pressure side. When I checked the igniter, I can see the small spark while I had it outside of the chamber with the gas valve off. So I know it is sparking. The gas valve opens, I can smell gas from the vent. It reads 120 volts while open. There is no one in my area that can work on it. What else can I check to get it to operate?
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If you can smell gas, then I would start by pulling the burner assembly and cleaning the spider nests out of the burner tubes and orifices.
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When you pull out the burner tube assembly I would soak the burner tube in a rust/corrosion removal bath for a few days and make sure the tubes are not damaged. If needed replace the bad burner tubes. You can gell they are bad if you look inside and notice the flange on the inner tube is corroded away. Also if the holes allowing gas to flow out of the burner tube are damaged. Also, clean out your burner orifice HAXBON1930 and make sire no clogging there. I would bet your problem goes away. Nice opportunity to clean out the inside of your heater housing and spray paint it with high temp corrosion resistant paint. This could add ten more years to the life of your heater. That is if you want to replace the heat exchanger also if that goes bad,,, :-)

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