Thermospa Hot Tub Water Leak


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Thermospa Hot Tub Water Leak

I have a Thermospa hot tub (Model Concord) had it for 10 years. Its been a descent hot tub, but noticed it started leaking water. Id fill it up with 400 gallons and in a day the water would be half full. So I removed the panels and filled it up again and found leak. I've done most of the maintenance and repair on this hot tub myself since the tech's charge me about $200 just for coming out here.

Anyway, Here are some pics of the leak. The bottom photo shows what looks like an overflow at the top of this gray fitting. When I opened up the panel, there was a plug lying on the floor of the hot tub that probably went inside this gray fitting which is now showing filled with water. I suspect the water pressure blew it out. Not sure why this is overflowing but I need to fix it otherwise water just wont stay in the tub. Any suggestions? Thanks

Does anyone know what is causing this? or familiar with these parts?Name:  photo 3.jpg
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I thought I'd come in and post what else I figured out about this problem, in case anyone else runs into this issue. I contacted a support tech at Spa Depot dot com. Sent that guy (Brian) some pics and he solved my problem then sold me the parts to fix it. S

So evidently the top of the manifold has a grey piece with those little vent holes. I thought that was a check valve or something but we figured out that this grey piece should be attached to the acrylic portion of the hot tub and evidently it broke free somehow. See this photo which is shot from underneath tub (just above from where the manifold is hanging)Name:  photo 2.jpg
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All I needed was a new Air Manifold
Air Manifold 1"S x 1"SP x 1"SP (8) 3/8" barbs
SKU: BX9939

And a new Air Control Valve
Air Control Valve 1"S
SKU: BX9964

And some contact PVC cement
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You have to be careful if you have a rigid cover on your spa. When they get old and waterlogged they get heavy so people tend to let them bang down on the spa when they close the cover. This repeated vertical slamming is very hard on the plastic valves that are supported by the upper deck. I would inspect your water diverter valves for cracking.

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