HL Error with a leak- HELP!


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Exclamation HL Error with a leak- HELP!

Hello all. I have a frankenstein tub that I bought off Craigslist and have bought a new spa pack for it. I've almost got this 'project' tub up and running. Awesome impulse buy yea?! I think I'm a sadist.

It's a 110v system with a straight plug in to the wall.

The tub keeps going into HL. The heater gets extremely hot and eventually shuts from from the HL. The water may get a degree or two higher. I can visibly see the heated water being emitted into the tub, but it's not like via a pump since it's a 110v...it's just a very small jet...hard to describe.

I'd say it will heat for about a good hour or two before it does this. Then it starts to leak a bit from the spot shown in this picture:

I'm not sure why it's heating up so high that it's not shutting down. You can also see my very ghetto attachment of the secondary sensor in the top right corner of the image with the zip ties. I think this is where it goes?

I'm in desperate need of help because it's starting to freeze every night and I don't want a big frozen koi pond on my hands

Thanks guys
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Welcome to the forums.

Are you saying that there is no circulation pump at all ?
Something has to move the water or the heater will overheat.

Some of the small 120v self contained units use the pump to also supply heat.
Is there a make and model on the unit ?
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Yes there's a primary flow pump and a secondary blower pump...neither can run while the heater is turned on.

There's a *small* amount of dispersal from a jet that blows the hot water I can't recall which jet it comes out of, but I can check tonight. However, it's not anything compared to the pressure of when either pump is on.

Make and model on the electronics I can provide but not sure about the heater. I can also look for that tonight.
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Any ideas? Going to take a look at this again tonight and see what's up with it...
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Exclamation Update

Well I re positioned the secondary heater sensor and put it directly on the heater. Now the heater gets just as hot, but it doesn't build up super amounts of pressure and seemingly leak. Still pushing a little water out into the spa


Here's some more updated pictures. It is still tripping into HL for some reason.

Any ideas?

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