Spa heater


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Spa heater

The fan on my Laars LT runs constantly on low speed. I have been told that I should just replace the heater, since fixing it is a hit-or-miss thing that might end up costing more than it is worth. Is that a good recommendation?

Second question: If I do end up replacing it, how big a heater should I get if I only use it to heat my 150 gallon spa? (I never heat my pool). It seems like the Laars LT 400,000 btu's might be overkill.
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What fan.... the draft inducer blower ?

400k would seem to be excessive for that small a tub. What size heater is currently there ?
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Sorry - I know nothing about this stuff, so can't tell you what type of fan. All I know is that even when all of the pumps are off, and there is no intended demand of any equipment, I can hear a fan blowing slowly, and can feel ambient air coming from the vent of the heater. Also sorry that I didn't make it clear enough that the 400K btu's I referred to is the size of the existing Laars LT heater. I'm guessing that when the heater was installed, it was probably intended to heat the pool as well as the spa. But since I never heat (and don't intend to heat) the pool, I'm thinking a smaller heater might be more appropriate.

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