Hot tub blower sending air AND water!


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Hot tub blower sending air AND water!

First: the setup:

I have 4 jets on the wall of a cement hot-tub. These work great.

I have an L shaped PVC pipe under the seat of the hot tub that leads to the blower. When the install guys came around they just drilled holes through the tiles to puncture the air tube. Of course some of the holes missed the tube and I've had a slow leak (2" per day) for the last 3 years.

I had assumed the water in the hot tub is leaking into one of the holes that missed the pipe and into the dirt / earth below.

Second: the reality

I just cracked the tile and pulled out the L shaped air tube. The funny thing was that the cement surrounding the tube wasn't soaked (like it should have been for a leak). I was getting ready to replace the air tube with proper air outlets when I decided to test the blower.

1) I turned the blower on and of course air came rushing out the end of the pipe like it should

2) It ALSO started sending a small amount of water out of one of my jets (not a lot - but enough so that I don't believe it's just trapped water). (the other 3 jets didn't issue any water (or air)). So it appears that somehow the blower is connected to that jet.

Maybe it could be due to me having one of the valves open with all the equipment lines but I would have thought the blower line was separate.

Now I'm concerned the slow leak might be somewhere in the pipes if they're connected.

Anyone seen this happen before? Or have any ideas how to even begin to troubleshoot this?

I have a birthday party coming up on the 4-Jan so I've got to have everything back and running.

I'm not adverse to sealing off the blower and just forgetting it - but I'd like to do it right for resale value.

Pictures below

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Welcome to the forums.

I am not a pro in spa/hot tub design but in many units the air is also sent thru the jets. There is a check valve in the air line that keeps the water from getting into the air blower. If you restricted the jet the air is coming out of and the blower line under the stair..... you may find air comes out of all the jets.

Two inches of water a day is a major leak.
Where is this unit.... outside... in a basement ?

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