hot tub repair


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hot tub repair

hi there
we've got a bit of a problem with a hot tub leak, were loosing about 10 cm of water an hour! yikes!
we recently purchased one of the hot tubs from Super Hot Tubs, the tub is super, nothing wrong with it (and better than a Hot Springs or a Jacuzzi for the money), but we dropped an awl and hammer on it from my friends DIY kit. the thing fell badly and long story short when the tub was refilled after cleaning its loosing water and a jet seems to have been knocked out of place.
ive checked the super hot tubs warranty and i dont think my breaking my own hot tub is covered so its a case of a DIY job.
is there an easy way to seal a leak in a tub?

I'll try and post some pictures of the leak (if you need to see the specs of the tub (can we post links? its an emergency so here goes: it is at Tahiti for the specs, jets and parts. worth a look just for the hot girl on the video).

ive searched online for resin and epoxy but they say dont use epoxy as it reacts badly with chlorine? is this the case? what do we do? i can call super hot tubs but its my own fault and i dont want to appear foolish for breaking my own tub in that way..

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I'd call the company anyway. I'm sure that you aren't the first person to have that problem.
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Welcome to the forums.

i can call super hot tubs but its my own fault and i dont want to appear foolish for breaking my own tub in that way..
Nonsense... accidents happen. These companies want you to be happy and will help you. They can possibly steer you towards a repair center or offer direct help.

I'm curious about the jet being knocked out of place. I'd like to see a picture or two of what you are dealing with.
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How did an awl and hammer hit the spa hard enough to damage it? Were you guys having a hammer throwing contest? I assume from the rate of the leak that you have more than a little crack.

Contact the manufacturer for advice if nothing else. Find out what material the tub is made from. Once you know that you can better choose something to patch it.

How did the jet get knocked? Is it the emitter inside the tub or is the jet housing loose from the spa's shell? It's possible that it is just loose. You might be able to clean it up and re-install it. If it's damaged replacement ones are likely available online and are usually pretty inexpensive. Access to the piping is usually the worst part of the job but actually installing a jet is pretty easy.
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