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Gold Line Aqua Rite cell current intermittent

Gold Line Aqua Rite cell current intermittent


Old 03-01-15, 12:59 PM
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Gold Line Aqua Rite cell current intermittent

Hello. My Gold line Aqua Rite cell current drops off after about 10 minutes. The cell current starts out a little low, around 4.25, with the cell voltage good. After about 10 minutes, the cell current drops to 0, and the cell voltage rises to around 30. There are no red LED lights on, and the green generating light is still illuminated.
Any ideas?

Read more: http://www.doityourself.com/forum/po...#ixzz3TALiuu4l
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Old 03-01-15, 04:56 PM
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Welcome to the forums.

The link in your post is the old thread that you originally posted to but that thread doesn't really cover your current problem.

I don't know a whole lot about the actual cells but I know about the electronics. If your voltage went up and the inline current went down.... the problem would most likely be in your cell.

When you first power the unit up....... does the green power light come right on and the "no flow" LED blink for about a minute and then go out ?
Old 03-01-15, 07:42 PM
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My apologies about using the other link. But, Yes. The power on is a solid green, and the no flow blinks red for about a minute on start up. The power on and generating lights remain on after the no flow light goes out, and I checked the cell voltage and cell current, which read approx. 23 and 4.3 respectively. I rechecked the cell voltage and current 10 minutes later, and found them to be approx 30 and 0.0 respectively. The only LEDs lit at this time were "Power On" and " Generating". When I turn the unit off, and turn it back on again after about a minute, it resets and the the whole process of cell current being on and then turning off again starts.

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