How long do I need to run my filter?


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How long do I need to run my filter?

Pool is 4m x 8m with an average depth of 1.5m which, unless I've made a very basic math error, gives an approximate volume of 48000 L or 12680 gallons.

According to some parts of the internet the water in the pool should filter 2x per day, according to others it should filter once.

These are the specifications for the pump I have, unfortunately I'm not completely sure how to read it

I have the 750 model, it looks like the first graph is describing the flow based on some other variable but I'm not sure what that is. Also have no idea what the 2nd and 3rd graphs mean

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Here is a more interactive (but similarly unintelligible to me) version of that PDF

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There are no rules for how long a filter needs to run. It depends on sunlight, heat, weather, etc.

The chart looks like GPM (gallons per minute) vs. H' (head or lift height)

My pool is roughly 20'x40' and 9' deep as it had a diving board. Calculated capacity is 24,000 gallons. When I open the pool it runs continuously for at least the first week. After the water stabilizes I run the filter approx 11 hours a day. This amount of time keeps the water cleaned and filtered.

As a pool owner you will start to get a feel for how long your pool would need to run.
If you have a two speed pump you could run it on low almost 24 hours a day and save money over a one speed pump.
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If you follow the link in my second post the interactive site lets you switch H' units from M to psi. Would that be the pressure that shows on my filter gauge?

What is lift hight exactly? How far from the bottom to the returns? That'd be the 2m I'd assume.

I've been running it for 4 hours a day at the time being and while the water's staying clear, I'm getting a lot of green sediment on the floor which I'm thinking could be the result of the multipurpose chemical tablets doing what the pool filter should be doing.

I was also thinking that maybe spliting the total run time into 2 periods might be better in order to push floating debris into the skimmer before they sink

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