Converting a spa from chlorine to salt.


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Converting a spa from chlorine to salt.

I'm interested in DIY Conversion Methods: Chlorine to Salt Water Conditioner Systems for Outdoor, 900 gallon In-Ground Spa (in Florida).
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Now that you have our attention, what is your question?
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Welcome to the forums.

I updated the title to better reflect your question.

First things first..... contact the manufacturer of your spa and see if they have or recommend a system for you. You need to make sure you can use salt in your spa.
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Second things second...You do know that a "salt" system is also chlorine, right? The salt is electrically converted to chlorine in the spa (rather than at a factory, bottled, and shipped to you to add to the spa).
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I had to have my daughter who is a chemist explain this to my sister-in-law. When she had her big in ground pool installed she was totally against having chlorine in the water. When she heard that another relative was using salt she was all for it thinking that the salt was the sanitizer. She would not believe me when I told her that the salt was broken down into it's two constituent elements (Sodium & chlorine) and the chlorine from it was what prevented algae growth and was the sanitizer.

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