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fallen liner due to wind and rusted wall panel

fallen liner due to wind and rusted wall panel


Old 05-05-15, 07:29 AM
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fallen liner due to wind and rusted wall panel

Good morning to you all.

Just wanted to say upfront that I did a search for DIY forums and this place has such an awesome catalog of information. I'm sure that I'll be back next time I run into an issue.

The situation --
We have an above ground pool that we uncovered about a week ago. Usually we don't empty out all of the water, but it was so bad (dark, dirty water) that we siphoned it all out of the pool. We got a pretty bad windstorm and 3/4 of the liner got disconnected (pulled out I guess is a better term) from the top where it was connected to. It is now laying in the pool.

I know there are two types of liners, one being beaded (which is what I believe this one is) and another that I can't recall the type.

My question is -- what would be the best way to go about reattaching the liner? I figure I could push the fatter top part of the liner between the wall and the flat metal piece that overhangs over the top of the pool to secure it, and that, if I add water, it will be better at holding it up in place (I'm guessing no water in the pool is what made it susceptible to falling in the first place).

The second issue is unrelated, however with the liner falling down, I can now get a better idea of what to do to repair it..

One of the walls has rusted out around the skimmer inlet and we planned on fixing it this season. The pool is old (>20years) and we just want to give it a few more years of life. We are going to use, wait for it... flex seal to cover the sharp rusted areas so that the skimmer does not rip. When the liner fell, I saw other rusted areas of other pool walls, but nothing that had actually gone through the wall. Can I just spray rustoleum on it to retard any further rusting?

It seems like everyone here really likes photos, so I do have some here-

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance!

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Old 05-05-15, 09:18 AM
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Do you happen to know the brand of your pool? The one I saw last the top cap is what holds the liner in place. If that's the case hopefully you can get your caps off with the deck right up to it.

As for the steel it would be best to remove as much of the rust as possible. Then you can use a primer intended for rusty metal then top coat it with oil based paint like Rustoleum for additional protection.
Old 05-05-15, 10:14 AM
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Hi Dane,

Thanks for your response.

I do have all of the original paperwork and I did look into the manufacturer for a replacement wall for the skimmer. Unfortunately, the company is no longer in business, nor is the original retailer that the pool was purchased from. I don't have that info with me right now and I don't recall the name.

As for getting the caps off, yes, the deck around it is going to be a major hindrance. The deck comes over the caps quite a bit. The thick piece around the top edge is soft, so hopefully I can push up on the cap and push the top part of the liner through. I'm guessing it can be done, as this is the second liner and I don't recall the installer taking the caps off to install this second liner.

I appreciate the advice on the rust issue. I will make sure to do that.

Thanks again!
Old 05-05-15, 02:51 PM
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I didn't see how bad the area was around the skimmer - on mine I bought some sheet aluminum, cut a square out to the size of the original skimmer hole, then pop riveted it over the original hole. ( from the inside) I then used duct tape for protection of the liner. The outside I used auto body filler.

I'm guessing you will find you need a new liner - they tend to shrink when they collapse.

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