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Just moved into a new house with an inground pool. I have opened above ground pools in the past. [Carry out pump & filter from garage, add water, chloride, turn on and take water sample to chem house for balance of add ins.]

Since the pump & filter are already outside and I was showed the plugs and given all the different bleed valves and gauges....What do I have to do to open the pool. I can not see spending $300.00 to open a pool. Chems are not that expensive.

Thanks in advance for all replies and assistance.

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I guess the moderator is too busy opening pools for 300$ ! I will just throw this out...It is Basically the same routine as an above ground! Get ready to vacuum, vacuum, vacuum.... But in all seriousness...take a water sample to a local pool co. for an analysis. They can probably even give you a brochure on the how-to's and answer any questions... Enjoy!
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Your post did not state what the size of the inground was. For me, here is the procedures for my 18x36. Seat all the plugs, fittings and gauges in pump and filter. Remove winter plugs from feed and return lines @ skimmer anti freeze bucket. Carefully remove cover to reduce debre from entering pool. Fill pool to proper levels. Add 5 gal liquid chlorine & 1 gal Algeaside. Prime pump and start. When filter is upto normal pressure hook up vac and go to it. After 24-48 hrs take water sample to Chem dealer for additional seasonal additives. You should be swimming by the following weekend in a crystal clear pool.

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