BBB cleaning the above ground pool


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Post BBB cleaning the above ground pool

My 18' round and 52" deep, salt water, above ground pool is filled with algae and I keep reading about the BBB method to clean it. Haven't tested the water yet but bought the bleach, baking soda and the borax. What do I do after putting bleach in to kill the algae? I can't seem to find any answer on what setting to run the filter after the bleach and if I'm supposed to vacuum up the dead algae before running the filter or anything. Any help would be great.
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I'm not a pool guy but I would certainly try to remove as much algae as possible, to reduce stress on the filter.
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Welcome to the forums!

You should scrape off what you can, then shock it (rather than just clorinate) at night and run your filter all night long. Vacuum the next day.
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Super answer from Shadeladie.

Are you a new pool owner ?
Are you having problems with the salt/chlorine generator ?
Shocking a pool or super chlorinating is done to kill everything in the water. Normally it is 3-5 times the normal amount of chlorine used.

You can take your pool water to most pool supply places and they'll analyze it for chemical balance and tell you what to add.

I was reading up on the BBB method. Makes sense. They don't discuss quantities of chemicals and I know things are a little different with a salt water pool.
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Hi there. I've only owned this pool for 3 months and things were going great. I was cleaning it weekly and everything seemed to be going fine. I am not having any problems with any of the equipment as far as the filtration and salt/chlorine generator. I am waiting for the Taylor testing kit to arrive so that I can test the water and start treatment. But as you said nothing is mentioned about quantities of any of the chemicals. So I guess it's kind of trial and error and keep testing the balance as I go. Thanks for the input. I really appreciate it.
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I'm trying to avoid shocking the system with other than chlorine or borax or baking soda as I've read that it will raise the cyanuric acid in the pool level and possibly needing to drain the pool to a certain level and needing to use other chemicals to balance out the acidity. Thanks for the welcome and I appreciate your feedback.
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Adding chlorine raises the alkilinity of the pool and can necessitate the adding of acid (typically hydrochloric acid).
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You can shock your pool with bleach just fine. The key is to figure out what your shock chlorine level should be. This is all dependent on what your CYA (Stabilizer) level is. The idea is to raise the level of chlorine until it is at the properly calculated shock level and maintain it there until it will pass what is called an OCLT (overnight Chlorine Loss Test) If you use chlorine with stabilizers built in or dichlor you will pull your hair out trying to hit the proper number. The taylor test kit should have in it a FAS-DPD chlorine test. This will be useful in doing the Shock Level And Maintain process. This is not usually an overnight process so be sure to have enough liquid chlorine on hand for a couple day process.

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