How do I to turn my built in SPA on?


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How do I to turn my built in SPA on?

I feel like this is a dumb question, but I recently purchased a new home, and I have no idea how to turn my built in spa on!

I am posting pictures and labeling the setup in hopes that someone here can give me detailed, clear, concise directions on which knobs need to be turned in what direction from its current configuration to get the spa turned on.

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Is all this just for a spa or is there a spa and pool ?
Are the pumps running ?
Does the heater turn on when you push "spa or pool on" ?
Heater won't actually produce heat until there is water flow thru it.

In your second picture I see a gas heater.
Third picture is a natural gas line with tracer wire.
Fourth picture are suction lines.

This could be a somewhat complex system. It may be hard for us to tell you where exactly to set the valves as the results need to be observed as adjustments are made.

You may need to hire a pool company to come in and help you start the system up.
I see you're in Arizona so I'm guessing no pool winterization needed there.
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That system is for a pool and spa...

Right now the valves are set in such a way that the pool pump/skimmer are running at night for maintenance.

I have been able to turn the heater unit on. Sometimes it turns on others it doesn't. It may turn on when the pump is on or off. I think it works as it should. I just think in order for it to turn on, other things have to be on or in position as well. Not sure!

Yes in Arizona, so no winterization that I know of.

I think the valves just need to be turned in such a way that water is diverted from pool pump to spa, but I am just guessing. Was hoping someone who is familiar with these types of systems would see the setup and be like "Oh thats easy, just do this this an that!"


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