Pool Pillow is not Centered


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Pool Pillow is not Centered


I am on Long Island, NY where it gets pretty cold in the winter.

I have 1/2 in ground pool 18' diameter.

I closed the pool this fall and used the pool pillow and over that the soft cover. The pool pillow was tied to the sides to keep it centered.

But, a couple of weeks ago I noticed the pillow was at the side of the pool because one of the strings broke.

It took a while, but I pumped the water off the top of the cover and was able to get the pillow more in the center and re-tie it.

But, the string that I used obviously broke again and the pillow is at the side once more.

Now, we have freezing weather and the water on the cover is ice.

Will the pool pillow not being in the center cause a problem? My understanding is that the pillow allows the ice to expand into it and not push out against the pool walls.
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Will it cause a problem...... maybe. It could be a problem if we get a freezing like last year.

It needs to be centered to allow the ice a place to expand.

You need a Pool Pillow Pal. You can google it. It's a self stick attachment that attaches to the cover and the pillow to keep the pillow centered.
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Well, seeing that the water on the cover is frozen now... i guess not much I can do but hope.

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Why not use bigger, stronger string/rope?

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