Jacuzzi Jet Removal trouble


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Jacuzzi Jet Removal trouble

I'd like to replace my Jacuzzi J325 jets with the jet conversion kit but the instructions say to remove the old jet by turning it clockwise. It won't turn by hand - can I use a wrench or will that break it? Clockwise seems to be the wrong direction to loosen it so I'm hesitant to force it. It is several years old so I'm not too surprised they are stuck - should I force it? The jets work but will no longer rotate freely and some have lost the bearings that were in them.
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Welcome to the forums.

I'm not familiar with the jets for your unit and I see several different styles listed based on year of manufacture.

Do you have the jet conversion parts kit number ?
Most anything to do with plumbing is counter clockwise to loosen.

I see in the reviews many complaints about weak jets.
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They are the LX Jetface with the conversion kit - the jet is Part # 6541-470. My spa is a Jacuzzi J325 built in 2004 here's the link to the install directions telling me to turn it clockwise which does seem strange: http://www.thespaworks.com/sites/def...conversion.pdf and the part description: LX Jetface Conversion Kit - Hot Tub Supply Store | Jacuzzi Brand Spa Parts

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