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Will organic stains come out after I add shock?

Will organic stains come out after I add shock?


Old 07-13-16, 12:45 PM
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Will organic stains come out after I add shock?

Good afternoon all! Question and facts bolded below past the backstory.

I have never been good at keeping the pool clean.

A friend came over May last year to help me drain and clean the pool. I kept it running great til winter, then it sat and turned into a swamp. I have drained it again and it is currently filling back up.

Above ground 20' (I think) Vinyl lined pool.

My question is two part:

1) Will the organic acorn/leaf/algae deposit stains go away after chlorine sits on them for a while?

Once the pool was drained, I tried scrubbing them gently with a pool brush and it took forever and a day to remove one tiny acorn stain, so I am hoping that once it fills up and chlorine gets in the pool, it will make scrubbing the stains away much easier. Also, I can remove the steps and pressure wash them.

2) Are bags of shock good enough to get my pool balanced after filling with water from the spigot, or do I need to go to Ace (closest pool store barring an hour drive) and get some 'start-up formulation' or something?

Thank you so much!

PS. The attached pics may be hard to see at the resolution, but basically the large brown ring around the perimeter is the leaf deposit ring, the brown dots all throughout are acorn/leaf deposits, and there is black speckling (specifically pic number two, at the foot of the steps to the right) that is sediment I was not able to completely remove before I gave up trying.
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Old 07-13-16, 01:24 PM
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First of all, you really need to get a cover and cover it up during months it won't be used.

While I've never had stains like that, I've always used some cleanser (like Comet) and a good scrub brush to clean stains. At least that's been my experience. I don't think just letting it sit in bleach will help.

There are things you can buy to normalize the water right away, but you can just let it sit a few days, too.
It's been a few years since I've had a pool and I can't really remember what. Hopefully someone else will be along to help you better.
Old 07-13-16, 01:39 PM
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You are absolutely right about a cover. After having to drain it myself, I will invest in one this year!

Stupid question alert, but the stains you use comet and scrub brush on, were they at or above the water line? Or did you sprinkle the comet on a wet brush then bring it down under the water to the stain.

Your advice was helpful, I will ask at the store to see what they have for normalizing.
Old 07-13-16, 01:44 PM
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Not a stupid question my stains were at and below the water line, but not on the floor. I did just sprinkle it on the brush and brought it under the water.

ETA: I did on occasion get algae sitting on the floor and used the pool brush with the long handle to scrub it after adding chlorine, but didn't use any cleanser on it. It hadn't been sitting there for more than a day or two tho.
Old 07-13-16, 07:33 PM
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Some stains will come out after you shock and brush the pool but I doubt they all will.

Look into a stain remover like Les Iron. I have water high in iron and it stains the pool if I don't add the Les Iron first. It does a great job removing a lot of stains. Ask the pool place what they think about it for a vinyl pool.
Old 07-17-16, 06:57 AM
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Granted my inground pool was built in 2000 so it has a few years of use, but a couple of years ago, the liner developed a stain, probably organic from leaves and other debris in the bottom near the drain (eight feet down) and I have never been able to get them out completely. I have dropped granulated chlorine over them, scrubbed them, and vacuumed the area multiple times, still the stains remain to some extent although they have faded. Perhaps it's the liner getting old, don't know. And, I do use a winter cover! I am not sure if those stains developed during the summer pool season or when the pool was closed. They will be gone when I replace the liner, that I am sure of. :-) And PVC does discolor in time !!!

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