Desperate for hot tub help.

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Exclamation Desperate for hot tub help.

Ok to begin this post I need to apologize for the sad story and the length of my post….I honestly don’t want yall to think I am shoveling a sob story…Now that’s out of the way let me tell you what is going on. I am a mother of four kids. I have a son who has neurofibromatosis type 1 and Noonan’s syndrome and is disabled. He is a thriving college student that works around all of his challenges including tumors on his arm, brain and spine. He has pain every day. They thought he had cerebral palsy when he was a baby and after many years of physical therapy he was a cross country runner in high school. I have fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and a brain tumor along with several other rare diseases that left me disabled at 28. I am 38 now and I suffer daily with pain. I have also been on oral steroids twice a day for 10 years. It sucks. I am fat and miserable. I spent many years on narcotic medications…enough to kill a horse and his wife. I am off all my medication and I am looking for alternatives.
Hot tubs are a therapy tool for us and also brings much needed relief. A Morgan spa was given to us. It is a large one with 98 jets. It needed two new motors witch I replaced. The spa pack melted after several months of use. I got another one. A balboa vs501sz. I am the one who connected everything. I am savvy around the house…the only income we have is my disability so learning how to do everything has been a way of life. So this is what happens….
Morgan spa
Balboa vs501sz
AquaFlo xpe2 and xp2

You turn on the power. The spa pack clicks and enters priming mode. Nothing will come on. If I unplug the pump 1 from the board I am able to run the blower and pump 2 but pump 2 is not pumping at speed. Like half capacity. Also when I turn on the blower the pump slows more and you can tell there is a strain on the power source. Also… not all the jets have water running thru them when the blower is on. It does not matter where I move the pump one plug to….it will not come on. I am pretty sure I have a clog or an air lock but I don’t think that’s all that is going on. Also the heater comes on and tries to heat the water and the temperature rapidly goes up on the panel and the tub turns off or I get the DRY error message. I am struggling here. I am about ready to set the darn thing on fire. I work on it all the time and nothing. AI am so frustrated. I spent a lot of money to have brand new everything and it has not worked one time yet….Retrofit kit they said. Basically plug and play they said. Brand new spa pack and pumps….it will work like a dream they said.
Keep in mind that It set for about two years while I was buying and paying out each new piece. I cannot afford anything else for this thing and I can not afford paying someone to fix or work on it. I lay awake night after night praying that the next day it will work and I can disappear in the bubbly goodness and my pain can abate for a short period. My son does as well and I cant stand to see him suffering. Please help me. Point me in some sort of direction.
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Well.... where do I start. Welcome to the forums.

If you were closer I'd help you personally.

Spas are a pain in the neck. They can be very temperamental. I work on them from time to time when a friend or dealer calls and needs a favor. They are a very "hands on" repair meaning it's hard to work on them over the internet.

One particular problem I see is the connections on the heater burn up. It's very important that they be kept tight. The heater draws a lot of current and a loose connection heats up quickly.

Do you have a camera ?
Pictures are the single biggest help you can give me. I can usually spot problems via the pictures. You can take big pictures and send them to me or host them on photobucket and link them here. You can post pics here but there is a size limit. Read thru this link.

Do you have a meter and know how to use it ?
You said "like a strain on the power source". That we need to check.

In order to keep the heater from burning out internally.... and it's real easy to do.... these control boards monitor the water temperatures carefully. A sudden rise in water temp means slow water movement. It may say "dry" or shutdown. You said there is a pump issue.... so that would explain the heating issue.

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