Intellichlor still upside down, 2017


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Intellichlor still upside down, 2017

My original plumbing and Intellichlor flow direction matched up and all readouts were right side up. My replacement Intellichlor will have all readings/ display/lights upside down when correctly installed for flow direction. There is an old thread about this issue without any solutions except someone saying "it works fine upside down". Well, the darned thing cost a lot of money and my setup shouldn't be hoakey!

There is a flow switch inside the thing. It looks like it could be simple to flip it around so it will work with flow in the opposite direction.

QUESTION: Is there any other reason one would not want to reverse the direction of flow through the Intellichlor I40?

(If I can do this, then all the readings would be right side up, get it?)
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