Leak in above ground pool


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Leak in above ground pool

There is about a foot of water in pool and I can not find hole. I was wondering if I put low pressure air under wall and put air at that point would it show ( or feel). I was thinking the space between wall and liner would have air gap. If hole is in bottom I do not think it would show or feel any air getting out. Have tried food coloring and no luck. Or would it cause more damage .
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Did the water stop leaking out at the 1' mark ?
If yes.... the leak is somewhere at that level.

I'm guessing that the linear is partially in the ground. Possible metal frame ?
Liner sitting in sand ?
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Yes it sits on sand. The water level does stay about at that level. but we can not find it.
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Odds are the water will drop until it gets to the leak and then it will stop dropping. So at least now you know it is somewhere along the waterline. There is a slim chance the leak is somewhere lower and it only leaks when there is greater water pressure on it.

Injecting air will likely not work as it's too easy for the air to escape somewhere else. And, the leak would have to be under water for there to be bubbles.

As a child I was always the leak finding kid and my parents would lend me out to neighbors and relatives. They'd toss me in the pool with my mask and tell me not to come out until I found it. Usually they were like small knife cuts but the cut doesn't open up and look obvious. I'd have to go over every inch of the liner with my face 6" away looking for the tiniest mark or imperfection. When I saw something I would poke and pull at it to see if it was a tear or cut. Also don't forget to give the seams a thorough looking over. One of the key's though was getting in with a mask and getting very close. It can be hard to spot tiny cuts or holes when your eyes are above the water.

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