Above ground pool: stained liner


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Above ground pool: stained liner

Starting from scratch this year. Drained the pool. Have these stains on the walls of the liner. Any tips to easily clean this, or is it going to be bleach and elbow grease!?!?

Do you think a pressure washer would rip the liner?

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Bleach could work. Spray it on as a fine mist. Let sit for a short while. Wipe with a sponge and then rinse.
Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) poured on the stain could work.
Dedicated liner cleaner with Oxalic Acid would work.

Vinyl liners are delicate. I wouldn't recommend a pressure washer be used.
Heavy scrubbing can also permanently scar/discolor the liner.

I always tell pool owners.... buy your supplies at one place so that you recognize the employees and they recognize you as they can be your best ally. There are dedicated and special chemicals for just about every issue.

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