Strange pool readings and problem.


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Strange pool readings and problem.

We've had our pool for 33 years and never seen anything like this.

I have not been able to get the pool water clear since opening up 10 days ago despite Ph readings and chlorine readings being right on.

I took a PH reading yesterday evening after seeing foam forming on the pool surface.

The reading was off the charts - see photo 1.

I added approx. 4 pounds of PH- last night and re-tested this morning, but there is no change! The pool is roughly 10,000 gallons.

I dropped a couple of grains of the PH- in the sample (thinking the container was mis-labeled and the water turned yellow as it should.

Meanwhile, the foam continues to expand on the surface...

All suggestions appreciated.
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I have had the same pool (18 foot) for 30 years too. My biggest mistakes came from playing with PH while I was shocking the pool . I assume you are shocking because the pool is green. Three days of shock level should get rid of most algae. Use some floculant, overfill the pool and vacuum to waste.

I think algecide can cause foaming, but I never use it.

My second biggest mistake was when the Red PH bottle went bad over the winter and I went in the wrong direction. Now I always put in half the amount of PH Plus or Minus to make sure I'm going in the right direction.
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Your pH is almost that of baking soda. My first thought with a pH that high is to change the water with something closer to neutral but that's quite drastic. What was the pH of this water when you filled the pool? What was the pH like last season? I'm wanting to look back in the history of this water to find out why it's so high now. How is the total alkalinity?

With a reading that high I'd go nuclear and forget the granules and go for hydrochloric (muriatic) acid.
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Thanks for the replies.

I have always been able to keep the PH level spot on with minor adjustments as needed.

I do have the option of draining the pool half way or so, then re-filling. Our well water is hard (basic - from limestone) and I can pump indefinitely with no problems - major 120' deep underground stream feeds the pump.

I think I'll do that as a first step - see if the PH drops, the go the acid route.

Sound reasonable?

I still don't know how it is possible for the PH to skyrocket like that when it was normal at opening...
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