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Chemical Balance of Hot tub, specifically Chlorine

Chemical Balance of Hot tub, specifically Chlorine


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Question Chemical Balance of Hot tub, specifically Chlorine

Good morning,

I just read the sticky on chemistry and it has a lot of good info in it. I just want to clarify a couple things.

I just fired up my tub for the first time and have some chemistry questions. I failed chemistry in school so I am by no means a water chemist. However, I'm really good at following directions and finding the correct information and am having a little trouble finding a clear answer for my specific question. Details below.

I received a couple items with the purchase of my new Hot Springs spa. I received the inline cartridges for the Frog system. I also received a startup kit for pro team spa. Talking to my dealer, they instructed me to follow the instructions for startup on the Pro team spa package, and then start the Frog system. So that's what I did, up until the Frog.

I figured I'll want to get this down and understand it fully since I'll be doing this every 3 or 4 months with a water change. Here's the steps I took.

Added Gentle Spa and let jets run for 20 minutes. According to description, Gentle Spa improves water condition and adds fragrance and moisturizers.

Then I added Metal Magic which is supposed to remove iron, copper, silver, and excessive hardness. I let jets run for 20 minutes before moving on.

The next couple steps is where I'm confused.

I added a sanitizer as instructed(Di-Chlor) to my tub and waited 30 minutes. After that, it instructs me to shock the water using Multi Magic. A quick google search told me that Multi Magic is their shock treatment, but my bottle says oxidizing shock, so I added that as instructed and waited 20 minutes.

After all this and before starting frog, I wanted to check my chemistry, so using a test strip, I found that my hardness, alkalinity, and ph were all good, although on the high side. My total chlorine was showing 10+ ppm and my free chlorine was showing 20+ppm.

Does it sound correct that I added chlorine then right after that, shocked it? The bottle for the oxidizing shock says it's a non-chlorine shock, but I was certain that the Di-chlor I added was the correct amount. Should my chlorine numbers have jumped so high? How long does it take for those numbers to come down to a safe level?

Once they're at a safe level, I'm assuming that I can put the frog system in and that will maintain my chlorine levels? Thanks in advance for the help!

Short Side-bar: While the color strips are easy, I'm more of an exact number type of person. Are there any good digital testers for hottubs/pools that someone could recommend? I've seen a couple on Amazon but it looks like they get bad reviews and the readings are not consistent.

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You are being taken in by the spa chemical industry. You do not need all that chemicals. Check out GREEN Spa and Hot tub chemicals or look up the book Love Your Spa/Hot tub again on Kindle.
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Having owned a swim spa's and hot tubs for about 20 years one thing you will eventually discover is that all that crap they sell does one thing, drain your wallet.

There are only 3 things you need, chlorine (liquid or tablets) muriatic acid, and baking soda. All very cheap and plentiful items.

A good tester, I use Aquacheck and some experimentation to find what amounts of chemicals drive what levels of water change!

Test the water, find out where your at, ad an ounce or two, check the next day and keep going till it's close, does not have to be the absolute neutral value.

Same goes for filters, buy their recommended multi layered filters and your out $30 each, I found a cheap $8 replacement filter that when it's trashed I have no issue throwing into the fire pit!
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Holly cow! I have never heard of such chemical usage. I've had Hot Spring spas for 30 years and have never used so many products. I assume your spa has ozone injection so that is always working to help sanitize.

When I fill my spa I put the Nature2/Spa Frog into the filter tube and turn on the spa. I give it a good shock with either MPS or dichlor clorine with the main jets running for 10 minutes. Then I test for pH and hardness and add chemicals as needed. Wait for the water to heat and enjoy.

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