Entering the pool game. Advice?


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Entering the pool game. Advice?

Hey Everyone,

So I am completely new to the pool game and I purchased This Pool and read to upgrade to This Filter. No idea how both of them work but I am assuming it will all be explained in the manual when it comes to the sand and salt.

From people with experience, what should I be aware of before starting this operation? Any tips for the salt and sand, like when to add more or what to keep an eye on or what not?

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I would suggest you ask a neighbor who has a pool already to show you, or go to a dealer and ask for some guidance. The instruction manual should walk you through it.

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I would check out the Q&A's on Amazon, under that filter. Seems a lot of your questions have been answered by people that are familiar with that filter.
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It's not really a game. It's more like a money pit.
Chemicals can be pretty expensive. When you get the pool filled...... take a sample of your water directly to a pool store. Have them analyze it for content. Based on your location (ie:sun) you'll need chlorine and algaecide in pretty quickly. They should be able to advise you what to add. Don't let them sell you the store.

You will need a dedicated circuit/receptacle for your new filter pump.
It would be beneficial to have some type of pad to put the filter on. Poured cement or pavers will work.
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You didn't complete your profile so I don't know where you are located. Long ago I had an above ground pool similar to yours. Here in NC by mid-summer the water was so warm it defeated the purpose of having a pool. I ended up building a shade structure to keep the pool out of the sun which helped considerably. I would take down the shade in the spring and fall when the warmth was welcome.
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The best residential pool resource on the web is the Trouble-Free Pool site. Read their Pool School articles and you will get up to speed faster than by asking neighbors and pool store clerks.

Get your own top-quality water test kit; there are only 2 recommended: the Taylor K-6000C and the TF-100. No other kit is good enough for the tests you will need to run. Never rely on test strips or on pool store testing.

Prepare to handle chemicals yourself. Once-weekly pool boys do not come by often enough to keep your water balanced, especially in the hot sunny summer.

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