GFCI Spa Panel will not test


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GFCI Spa Panel will not test

On Sunday I purchased a Midwest Panel model number UG412RMW250P from Home Depot for installation of a new hot tub. The previous owners of the house had a tub installed so there is a feed, but it did not have a GFCI breaker or a panel installed . I connected the panel per the instructions but when I tested it the light on the test button came on which says the breaker is bad, so I returned it to the store and got a new one and hooked it up. Same exact result. The test button does not trip the breaker. The breaker transmits current but doesn’t trip when the button is pressed. In addition the small light indicating a bad breaker comes on.

I called Midwest tech support who told me to disconnect the load side and try it again, which I did, same result. I also tested for 120 on the neutral. They said the box was bad and that it was indeed possible I got two bad boxes in a row so I took it back to the store again. The same clerk helped me and she said that she has never seen one returned, let alone two in a row. I went home with a third one, hooked it up with the exact same result so I am posting here for some ideas.

The summary of my voltage readings are as follows:
  • When I test red and black coming from the panel I have 240.
  • When I test either red or black incoming to the neutral I have 130.
  • When I test the load side of the breaker I show 240
  • When I test on load side to the neutral on the load side of the breaker I get 130
  • Both ground wires are connected
  • The pigtail neutral from the breaker is connected and shows 130

The reviews online of this panel said there were problems with the breaker, but they all referred to a GE breaker. Mine have had Siemens breakers. I feel that returning to the store and getting a 4th one would be a waste of time but I am not sure what could be wrong.

I would appreciate any help anyone can give me

Thanks in advance

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Here are pictures of the connections along with my voltage readings. 4 wire incoming, red and black hots, white neutral and ground. 2 wire outgoing, red and white hots and ground. No neutral which is not required. Testing done without load side connected

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Maybe due to lack of sleep, but can you confirm the spa is wired to the braker only and not pulling the neutral from the bus bar?
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That is correct. I only had two hots connected to the spa and a ground.

And after the second panel showed a bad breaker I disconnected the load, so the spa was not connected at all and it still will not test good

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