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Help We have a mjor problem with birds(especially
crows), in a residential neighborhood. They constantly
land on the railing of our swimming pools with droppings(poop)in their mouths, and leave them on the pool rail, AND drop them in the pool. I am cleaning 25-50 droppings a day off the rails. Has anyone had this problem, and what can I do??? We only get 3 months or LESS of nice weather uphere, hate to keep it covered. Afraid to let the kids swim in it, not sure if chlorine kills ALL the bacteria.
***How to keep birds away???????? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. PS If you have had this problem, is it safe to swim in the pool??????
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Did you try using a scarecrow?

Sorry, I don't have that problem. The only thing I get are the usual bugs, some cats a couple of squirrels and the occasional pigeon. The bugs pretty much die quickly, the cats and squirrels stand on the rail for a drink as well as the birds. But a pigeon did an aerial bomb in my pool once. The splash from that shot up at least 5 feet. I turned on the filter and high tailed it to my bomb shelter. :-)))
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We purchased a plastic owl from Improvements magazine and it did the trick. We placed it on the pool railing. Its head moved side to side with the breeze.
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We spend a lot of time on the lake. I noticed almost every pier had plastic owls sitting on the posts and the pier was still filled with seagulls. Most of the boats that were tied to bouys, were covered with bird droppings. The few that didn't had three lightweight poles sticking up with thin fishing line forming a large triangle. The owners said the birds wouldn't come near for fear of tearing their wings. My friend went home and strung fishing line at the top of his pool fence and hasn't been bothered by duck, geese or crows since. The wire has to be elevated about six inches to discourage the birds from landing. He was lucky enough to have his posts higher than the wall of his fence.
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The plastic owls are fine for most residential pools. I don't know of many homeowners dealing with seagulls on the pool rails. For Sparrows, Blue Jays, etc. the owls work great.
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Cool Owls for sure.


I had the exact same complain 7 years ago. I got advice on everything from scarescrows, owls, rubber snakes and tin pie plates on a string, and a few screwy ideas like some electronic gadgets.

First I studied there flight pattern. I noticed they always dropped their load at about 12 ft in the air. I guess they lose there accuracy about that height. I then installed a
rather hidious nylon bird net up 15 ft in their flight
pattern. I was ballistic and determined. It was entertaining to watch them swoop in and nearly hit the netting that is hard for them to see. Of course, they eventually changed their flight pattern, so that did not work. I considered buying a truck load of netting, but nah.
The neighbors were already giving me strange looks.

I then put a piece of duct tape around the pools edge where the birds perch. I lightly attached for easy removal later, and then put a bead of TangleFoot around the pool, on top the tape. Tanglefoot is well known effective product to keep birds off fences and swings. That worked fine for perching, but then they just flew over and dropped their droppings with bomber precision. Up to 100 per day. So I had the same problem, plus, no one can use the pool with the tanglefoot on it. I had many tangle finger encounters,,, very sticky stuff.

So then, I bought a plastic owl at Earl May, and it was a miracle. The droppings stopped. I have 2 owls now. An older one with the colors and glassy eyes are sun faded, and a new shiny one. I put it out every year for 7 years when I open the pool. My owl has a fixed head and does not move in the breeze, but it works. I put the owl 30 feet from the pool, facing the pool, so the birds will see it as they fly in toward the pool.

I have never seen anything else work.

However, my birds were starlings and such; not crows. You may have to find a larger predator bird, or a flock of owls. I wonder what bird is a predator to those huge black crows. Maybe a wood carver could carve you a KING sized owl. I would be interested to know if owls deter crows.



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