crazing of grey plaster


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We have a new gunite pool with grey plaster. It has been about 3 weeks since it was done, and the plaster has very tiny white hairline cracks everywhere in the grey plaster. It looks like when you crack an eggshell. I was told that this is a normal thing that happens when plaster dries, and that it is just more noticable in a darker colored pool. The horizontal surfaces, like the steps are where it is the most noticable. Is this true, and should we just enjoy it as part of a natural substance (plaster)? Does this eventually become less obvious? Our friends have a white pool and you can't see these lines. In our pool, there is no area where there are any large cracks, just these tiny spidery ones.
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My first inclination was to tell you that yes, Crazing cracks do appear in plaster. However a searh turned up these sites that will answer you questions. In short, yes it is normal and should become less noticible. ( I assume the pool is full!)

You may have to copy and paste the URL because it scrolls over.

For the specific answer:

For the main site:


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