Beachcomber brand hot tubs ?


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Hello all,

Anyone have anything good or bad to say about the Beachcomber line of hot tubs? Particularly the 3xx series which is what I've been looking at recently.

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..okay well thanks for the loads of responses.. I bought one anyway (a beachcomber 350) based on the price I could afford and the amount of people that can sit in it. I get it in 3 weeks.

Next question... anyone have good advise for the location of this tub? My deck will be 2 feet about the grade near the patio door at the rear of the house. Putting a 38" inch tall tub on 2 feet is not very appealing to me... any ideas?

I've thought of sunken & flush with the deck (don't like that idea), or also thought of dropping a section of the deck 1 foot where the tub would actually go.

Please offer some ideas and/or pictures would be GREAT !!!

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Just make sure that you place it on concrete slab or tiles and try to keep all four sides accessible just in case you need to get in there and have something looked at. Mice will try to get underneath it so make sure you seal any gaps if any. Also, think about what type of cover or lid you are going to buy because some of those nifty easy-lid removing devices need clearance on specific sides of the tub. Good luck.

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