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Hello guys i think this will not beable to be fixed till next year but i'll ask.

i have a poll in the house i just bought and it was not used for appox 3 years i replaced the line and thought everything was going well until.. it seems that one side of the pool is 3 inches lowwer then the other well this would not be a problem if the scimmer was on that side but it's not so i have to keep the water level near the top on that side to get the filer to work right. I should have known this because the railing where you need to keep the wwater high was rusted out and all the others were intact. anyways at least there is water in the pool and it does get filtering and is keep us col in this heat wave we are getting.

could i jack one side up???
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My guess probably not. Too much water, too heavy to move and still be stable enough to hold back all that water. Didn't they notice when the new liner was put in?
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yep i noticed right when i was up to the top and finished adding the water the guy who own the home before was not a do it your selfer and let the old liner fly in to the niegbors yard for some time. along with never mowing the lawn he was not the niceest person.
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I am going to make the assumption that you are dealing with an above ground pool. first of all, in the end, yes the problem can and needs to be solved. however, it is likely that either the pool will have to be dismantled and moved to a new location, or have some fill dirt and sand (and a lot if it) put under the lower side of the pool, i would also recommend putting in some sort of drain so that the soil will not erode again and leave you in the same place you are now. in either case it will need to be drained. if you are going to make a move on this next spring, DO NOT completly drain the pool out for the entire winter! you WILL shrink your new liner, and your pool could blow into the neighbor's yard. so you wont want to have the water out of it for more than a couple days.
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well that would explain why my neighbors had to deal with liner in thier yards from the last owner. i think i will just deal with the pool for now and try something next year.

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The high side of the pool will eventually cause a bulge at the bottom. The water pressure will balloon out the liner, it will break and and flood out from under the wall. I have had this happen on one of my past pools. As a coincidence, my neighbors pool flooded out just 3 days ago. His liner was only 3 years old and cost $400.

When this happens, they is a risk of drowning for anyone near the flood opening. The flooding 10,000 or 20,000 gallons of water act just like a stream with unstoppable force. The water may take 2 to 5 minutes to empty out, but someone pulled into the leak could drown in 30 seconds.

No way to predict when this will happen. The larger the cove of sand at the inner circumference of the pool, the better. Speaking as someone who has seen the impending result, I would make practical plans now to remedy the uneven pool at the most convienent opportunity, typically at the beginning of the next swimming season, if not sooner.
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well thank's for posting but i don't think i have that problem because when i placed the liner in I did make some very high sand walls because ther was errosion in spots. so likely it will be very stable for a while just lopsided..

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